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When I’m speaking to people, they often notice that I’m “not from around here”, and, after my very long and boring story of how I got here and what I do, they often ask “what’s the difference between working in the UK and working in Canada?” 

I don’t have a stock answer for this but I usually come out with some sort of guff about Canada being a fragmented media market and a less antagonistic atmosphere between hacks and flacks.  While it’s certainly true that, in my experience, the Canadian media’s relationship with us flacks is much more convivial, less strained and probably more productive, up until now there was no way for me to illustrate it. 

That was until Tod Maffin released his free e-book “Landing the perfect pitch” last month.  Reading it and then re-reading the classic (in the UK anyway) “Care and Feeding of the Press” really showed the subtle differences between Canadian and UK media. 

Yes, CAFOTP was written by a US journalist, but I was taught pretty much everything in it when I started my career back at GolinHarris UK (now a competitor).  Both are really great resources for anyone who’s new to, or needs a refresher in, media relations.  Read it, learn it and the put it into practice. 

A team can only move forward at the speed of its slowest runner and it’s up to the PR industry team to bring its slowest runners (practiioners) up to speed.  And that is co-opertition in the echo-chamber of the PR marketing blog community! 

Incidentally, Danny Bradbury (a freelancer from the UK living in Canada), was about to tear a couple of agencies a new one after not being able to get on their media lists and being bothered on deadline day.  He’s calmed down a bit now, but I think it does show the differences quite nicely; or maybe I’ve just been lucky enough to have got in touch with Canadian journalists at the right time? 

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