Annoying (updated)

I’ve been very annoyable today. I’m usually easily annoyed after drinking on a school night but after watching the Jays beat the Red Sox 5-0 last night, what else is there to do?

Stuff that’s annoyed me today includes –

  • In the age of worldwide information; why can’t I buy a digital download from the US website if I’m in Canada? Frustrating and, thankfully, solved.
  • Lettuce. How come I need to tear off half of the (rotten) leaves before I can get to the edible ones?
  • Birthday Cards. Is just me or did Gary Larson have a lobotomy? I spent 30mins looking for a decent Far Side birthday card. Not amusing, must try harder.
  • The Jays. Yes they won the last home series 3-1 against division rivals Boston; yes they’re in second place ahead of Boston; yes they crushed Boston last night but what annoyed me was that they left star closer and fan favourite, BJ Ryan, in the bullpen. I would’ve been stoked if they’d let him out and pitch the last inning – from the looks of things, everyone else would’ve been happy and happy fans mean more sold tickets for next season. It may not make sense from a playing standpoint (risking him injury/tiring him out for when you need him) but it sure does make marketing sense…Apologies to Bryan Person for bringing up Boston’s trouncing. 5-0 trouncing.
  • PRWeek. Why wall off content? Do a deal with a sponsor, like the Economist does, and get them to pay for the users to read the content. When I finally got to the content after a few sneaky tricks, I thought David Quainton wasted an opportunity when interviewing Andrew Gowers, the former editor of the FT and now corporate communications bigwig at Lehman Brothers. I’d have liked David to ask Andrew to explain his views on social media.
  • Too many podcasts. 25 unheard editions from 29 shows in my iTunes right now and I’ll have to do some serious culling. Same thing with bloglines…
  • Liverpool. Their early Saturday morning matches are killing me.
  • This blog post
  • How cold the corrid outside my appartment is
  • The linesman in the Bolton Liverpool match – gave a free kick that absolutely never was.  Obviously Bolton score from the kick. aaaargh!

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One Response to Annoying (updated)

  1. Paull Young says:

    I’m hearing you about PR Week Ed. They’re starting some blogs really soon though – so it’ll be interesting to see how that changes their online offerings.

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