Still time…

I usually play football, or soccer as the North Americans like to call it, on a Tuesday night.  However, this Tuesday I’ll be forsaking my team for the, no doubt dulcet, tones of Shel Israel; author of blogging bible “Naked Conversations” and father of the much “loved” PowerPoint. 

Yes, this Tuesday is the inaugural Third Tuesday meet-up. 

Joe Thornley has been the driving force behind brining both Shel and the PR/Social Media phenomenon up to Canada and what better way to thank him than in person, at the Pour House (Dupont Station on the University line) from 6 pm? 

I’m looking forward to Shel extending the conversation he and Robert Scoble started in Naked Conversations.  Blogging in particular, and social media in general, has come a long, long way since Conversations was published and it’s about time for a general refresh. 

If you’re in Ottawa, Joe’s also set up the franchise there, and you’ll be able to catch Shel tomorrow (Monday) night at Fresco Cielo, 354 Elgin Street, also from 6 pm. 

See you there! 


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