I, you, he, she, we, they, YouTube

I first started reading blogs to keep in touch with my Technology brethren back in the UK and some of the first bloggers I read regularly were, the now defunct, Spin Bunny and Drew B.

Because of this, I was beaming from ear to ear when, after much lobbying, I got my first comment from the big man. And even more pleased when I got my first link from a site very close to my heart.

Now he’s tagged me with his “top five YouTube videos” meme and, like a star struck cheerleader on a date with the first string quarterback, I’m more than happy to oblige.

So here they are, my top five YouTube videos (although I’ve had to cheat a little and slink over to Google Video (a competitor to Yahoo! Canada, which is a current client of mine) to complete the list. They’re in no particular order so feel free to check them out at your leisure.

1. Best of Even Stephen. Where would a best of YouTube list be without some pirated content from the Jon Stewart show? This montage shows two comic geniuses, Colbert and Carrell, at their pugnacious best.

2. Gerrard. Simply the best player in the world right now. An inspirational captain, ferocious shooter and destructive tackler he has all the elements of a modern day footballer. His goal against Sheffield Wednesday 1:56 into the video is simply breathtaking.

3. Terry Tate. Utterly hilarious and a great example of a viral done well – focus on the content and the branding is an after thought. Very subtle and works superbly. Incidentally, Terry Tate’s real name is Lester Speight and he was a LB who played for the Chicago Bears. He was 270 lbs, and he ran a 4.23secs for the 40 yard dash, a record for all D positions especially LB. I defy you not to watch the entire series (there are four – sensitivity training; holiday; draft day and Athlete of the Century)

4. Line up for the Wii. A really simple yet powerful and authentic video that builds great buzz for the brand.

5. Seth speaks; I listen. 40 minutes of the great man speaking to Google on marketing. If you don’t have 40 minutes, you can always check out a 20 min talk he gave to Gel 2006 here.

And a bonus link. Jenna Jameson’s, mildly NSFW, viral for adicolour. Considering the target market was internet geeks, getting the most popular adult film star to do the execution was a great idea.

Memetag: YouTube chart

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2 Responses to I, you, he, she, we, they, YouTube

  1. Fo those of you who read this and think that Ed is being sacastic – I didn’t realise the amount of love Ed Lee has for Drew B, until I mentioned that I now work with Drew.

    There were lots of emails, had I met Drew? What was he like?

    Drew should be very afraid… but I suspect he’s rather flattered.


    What can I say, I’m a sentimental guy.  When you look up to someone, it’s very cool to start to have a conversation with them – it just shows the democratisation of the world thanks to blogging.


  2. I’m going to run away for a week to contemplate my existence. 🙂

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