Ideas – part one

Ideas are rather like beer.  Good ones take a long time to brew, are usually expensive and too many of them can give you a headache. 

The Grolsch adverts in the UK say that we “never let you drink it before its ready” but how true is that of ideas?  How many PR (or advertising) campaigns, have been executed too soon and whose cornerstone idea wasn’t thought through (brewed) for long enough – quite a few. 

I used to work with Giles Peddy, a very good account manager, whose personal value-add initiative was to come up with one idea per client, per week.  Great idea!  In a team of five, that’s 20 ideas a month that you could take to a client – much more productive than the average brainstorm session. 

It was definitely a practice that I could sign onto – coming up with harebrained ideas is my specialty and, as I said in my first ever posting, I’ve been annoying people with them through out my career – and I practised it with abandon. 

But now I’m learning to sit on my ideas a little more.  To let them percolate, digest, to brew properly (not a nice combination of metaphors…) before unleashing them on an unsuspecting Fleishman-Hillard Toronto.   

Why?  Well sometimes the idea alone just isn’t robust enough to stand up to a bit of scrutiny, other times it’s an idea that isn’t time sensitive and it’ll make you look better to the boss if your idea is actually workable and maybe it’s just a knee jerk reaction something that you’ve seen. 

However, that’s not to say you should be scared to take an idea to your boss or that you should leave the “big ideas” to those in the proverbial corner offices.  Creative thinking should be pervasive throughout our industry and no-one is too “inexperienced” to have an idea with impact. 

To wrap up part one – don’t be scared of ideas (creativity is thinking without fear of humiliation) but at the same time, try to get as far to the finished product as you can.  Everyone will thank you for it. 

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One Response to Ideas – part one

  1. Excellent post, Ed. Just this morning I was telling someone at Monster that I don’t want to be viewed only as the new guy who runs around tossing out crazy ideas.

    I think you and I both have to balance our obvious passion for new media with the at-large interests of our employers. Sometime it is better to let certain ideas simmer in our own minds for a bit, as we try to come up with more arguments/evidence/examples that we can use to back up our vision.

    But it is always nice when you work somewhere that is open to new ideas and approaches. I have that at Monster, and I’m grateful for it.

    Looking forward to your second installment.

    –Bryan Person

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