BMBY makes The Power 50

Many thanks to Sean Moffit over at the always excellent Buzz Canuck for providing yet more fodder for my bloglines in the shape of his “The Power 50: Canada’s Brilliantly Crazy & Enlightened Marketing/Media Bloggers” list.

My bloglines is now overflowing and, with more than 100 new entries when I sat down for work this morning, is now in need of a good purge once I get used to the new additions.

I just hope voting for the list was all above board but I’m predicting a scandal over hanging chads after he included this blog alongside media luminaries such as Mathew Ingram, Mark Evans (whose podcast I help to produce) and Malcolm Gladwell.

There are also a number of PR colleagues on the list such as Joe Thornley, Colin McKay, Chris Clarke and Lisa Walker.  Emboldened by being on the list (twice) my boss, Dave Jones, goes one step further and calls out the Toronto agencies that don’t have a presence on the list.  The full list is below – hopefully I can rig the voting somehow and get in next time round as well.

In other news, tonight I’ll be meeting one half of For Immediate Release and one half of the Shel double act to hit the big Tee-dot over the next week.  Kathyrn Lagden and Michael Seaton have graciously invited me for dinner with Shel Holtz tonight ahead of his appearance at an AIMS special event.

The second half of the double act, Shel Israel, hits town next Tuesday as part of the Third Tuesday meet-up.  I just found out that despite competing against the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we’ve attracted more than 60 communications professionals!  Wow.  See you there.

The Crazy & Enlightened Marketing/Media Canuck Bloggers

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One Response to BMBY makes The Power 50

  1. Marc Snyder says:

    May I humbly mention that I’m also a PR blogger AND that I’m on the list?



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