Marketing campaign to be proud of

If you’re in Toronto, chances are you know that a new Best Buy opened this weekend.  The completely integrated marketing campaign was earshattering and combined traditional advertising, direct marketing inserts, out-door marketing and PR. 

There was also the small matter of two international superstars playing free concerts at Dundas Square, just a block from the new store.  Beyonce held court on Friday evening and John Mayer wowed the crowds on Saturday afternoon. 

It’s been the sort of campaign that you just couldn’t get away from.  Every radio station had a co-promotion giving away VIP tickets, every TV station had outside broadcasts and almost every page of Friday’s Toronto Sun had an advert for Best Buy. 

I can’t imagine the sort of goodwill that Best Buy generated by hosting these concerts but I reckon it was a lot more than the half a million dollars they probably spent.  Having some 20,000 people deeply engage with their brand (Mayer’s concert lasted more than an hour) and earning a huge amount of media coverage at the same time made this store launch an incredibly successful execution. 

Your intrepid reported went down to check it out from a marketers perspective.  It was pretty stunning.  As you can see, the whole of Dundas Square was blue, yellow and black (Best Buy’s colours) and was branded up to the nines. 

Check out the photo. 


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One Response to Marketing campaign to be proud of

  1. Duane says:

    It was a good concert. Also giving away $500 each morning didn’t hurt in getting the door crasher moving this past weekend.


    True!  The $5 off coupons were being dished out like they were confetti at a wedding as well.  Think I saw some other gift cards being put into some of the T-shirts they were firing into the crowd…all very clever ways to get an engaged customer.

    Thanks for stopping by,


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