Big week for Canadian Marketing

I’ve hit the big time!  Somehow, someone copied me onto an email with Canadian blogging luminaries such as Ken Schafer (One Degree), Michael Seaton (The Client Side), Kate Trgovac (My Name is Kate), Mitch Joel (not sure where I’ve heard that name before…), Sulemaan Ahmed (who posts on the Canadian Marketing Association blog) and the eponymous David Crow. 

It’s very weird to even be mentioned in the same breath as these guys, all of who have been must reads for me over the past three – six months.  The email was an underground blogosphere pitch for Case Camp 3 which I’m happy to give a plug to.  There are only two registered participants for Wednesday September 27 at the Fifth Club, so click here and sign up.    

Turning my powers of observation, analysis and self-promotion onto their registration page, I can say that the Case Camp crew picked the wrong day for the unconference.  A much better day would have been Tuesday September 26 but it looks as that day is taken 

Seriously though, Canada is a veritable hot bed of social media activity right now, with some great blogs, podcasts (I was lucky enough to do some production on this one), unconferences, meet-ups and geek dinners.  Chatting with Dave today and we were thinking just how over-indexed Canada is with us social media types; so why are there so few case studies – something Mark Evans has been lamenting recently? 

In summary – subscribe to Mark Evans’ revamped podcast, sign up for Third Tuesday with Shel Israel and register for Case Camp 3. Oh, and have a great weekend.

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One Response to Big week for Canadian Marketing

  1. Ed,
    We are lucky to have the likes of you amongst us. We are the community that we keep – where did I hear that?

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