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Wednesday is clearly sports day on Blogging Me Blogging You!

PR stunt goes wrong. Or right? World Furniture Mall owner Randy Gonigam, a huge Chigaco Bears fan, literally bet the store on the opening game of the NFL season. He said that, if the Bears shut out the Green Bay Packers, he’d refund up to $10,000 (U.S.) for each customer who bought from his store on Labour Day.

The Bears won 26-0 and 206 lucky shoppers were sitting pretty on their, now free, furniture. However, Randy’s the one who’s really laughing after buying insurance on the bet (a lot less than the reported $300,000 he gave away) and seeing more than 250 stories about the bet appear on Google News alone.

I’m also betting that his happy customers will spend some of that refund money in his store again, and next time he does the promotion – could it become a yearly thing? – he’ll get even more business. Very smart, very lucky, very well executed. (Via Digg Sports)

*Update – I read on the Digg comments section that Mr Gonigam had a small wager on the game and, on top of the publicity and insurance payout, won $400,000.  Nice week for him.*

The Toronto Blue Jays will lose $25m this year – despite looking as if their pitchers couldn’t hit a barn door from 10 feet away. Ted Rogers, billionaire sports fan who also wants to bring an NFL team to Toronto, thinks this is a sustainable loss considering the total revenue of the Rogers network ($8.8bn) and the increased engagement it offers with Rogers’ target audience and large customer base in southern Ontario.

Ticket revenue is also rising and having the Jays on all Rogers channels every night certainly doesn’t hurt the Sportsnet ad revenue. (Sportsnet is a competitor to The Score, a current client of mine, and another client, Yahoo! Canada, is a business partner of Rogers)

Would you sign a superstar 25 year-old account exec (or senior account exec) to a 15 year contract? Sure there are “some” differences between PR and the NHL but this is ridiculous.

Finally, filed away in the “did that really happen” section. A Brazilian soccer ref awarded a goal, two minutes before full time, after the ball boy dribbled a ball onto the pitch and hit it into the goal. The ref faces the sack and if you were thinking it couldn’t get any worse, the referee is a lady. Via

If you’re viewing this in a feedreader, and want to see the video proof, please click here.

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One Response to Sports – serious business

  1. Chris Clarke says:

    I saw that soccer clip on YouTube this morning. The clip I saw was longer and didn’t seem to make sense when I watched it – thanks for explaining it!

    Also, DiPietro is good, but a contract that long is unheard of.

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