Holiday Gift Ideas

Back when Mike D tagged me on my favourite social media tools, I was a bit of a smart arse and came up with (one year old last Sunday) 20gb iPod.  If I can indeed lump in the iPod product family as social media, I’m most definitely on-topic to talk briefly about today’s announcement. 

Just reading some of the coverage on engadget (via DrewB) and a few things have peeked my attention. 

New iTunes 7.0 – looks very cool although I can’t download it at the moment.  Actually, I have downloaded it, I just can’t get into it.  Apparently I need QuickTime 7.1.3 (which is sitting on the desktop next to iTunes) so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  If I had downloaded it, two things I’d probably rave about are the free download of album art with an iTunes account – great way to get people to sign up; which is half the battle – and cover flow view – virtually leaf through your CD collection using the new, free, art).  From engadget’s screen shots, it looks mouthwateringly good – very clean, very tidy, very intuitive and a lot more colourful 

New iPod Shuffle – how small is that?!  I wish the “geniuses” at the Apple store had told me about it before I lashed out $130 on a 1gb shuffle for Mya (the girlfriend fiancée).  But is it too small?  Ask my mum in January once I’ve given it to her for her Chanukah present! 

NFL Package – Highlights package is $24.99 for the whole season?  Why buy the highlights when my client is streaming it live? 

iTV – by giving a sneak peak, is Apple scooping MS on the Zune?  Does this show they’re worried?  Does the interface go both ways – ie, is this now a cooler version of TiVo?  Whatever the answers, I’m impressed and think I’ll put it in the wedding registry. 

Jobs is renowned as one of the best presenters in the business but does anyone have a video of him from today?  How did he stack up against Bob Iger, Disney CEO?  I’d be curious to find out. Any thoughts Guy?

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2 Responses to Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. David Jones says:

    “Piqued” not “peeked”. Forget what I said today about those fine English schools your grandmother paid for. Cringe.

    The new iPods don’t show up in the Apple Canada store as yet. Argh.

    Good luck with your Guy Kawasaki stalking. Yikes.

  2. Karen says:

    You shelled out $130 for an iPod shuffle.. only 1gb? would it piss you off that apple just released (few days ago) the new iPod nano with 8bg? only $299…

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