How what not to wear morphed into Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

The first post back from an extended break is always hard.  Since I got back from a long weekend in London, Ontario, I’ve found it tough to get anything going – I’ve closed Word countless times and rejected the chance to save posts on mobile, thanks to a presentation from sister agency ipsh! (instant power, single handed – very cool company), the place of PR in the marketing mix, a tenuous simile between PR and advertising and I’m pretty sure there was a PR for small business post in there as well. 

There are some pretty easy to comment on things out there, that’s for sure.  Tim Dyson points us to a PR company bought up by a management consultancy.  Maybe if PRs charged as much as MCs did, our opinions and counsel would be more highly valued in the executive suite and PR would have a more strategic role in the organization? 

Dan Greenfield faces an existential PR crisis and asks a great question – where is PR’s role in social media?  Clearly the industry hasn’t taken the stand that the Third Tuesdays group is hoping for – although 43 communications professionals want to find out more! 

Chris Garrett over at has some good answers for Dan, maybe they can connect via the trackbacks and links I’m sending them.  I got to Chris’ post via the BT Business blog which is pretty good.  Chris’ points two, conversations and interaction, and six, interruption marketing is past its best, are my two favourites.  Blogging may not be for everyone to implement, but it should something to consider when the budgets role around every year (the bosses would probably say every quarter…) 

There’s also the yawn fest that’s going on between one Joseph Jaffe and Adam Curry.  No matter how you slice it or spin it, it’s childish, boring and very elitist.  Not a good use of social media which, if we remember our first lesson, should be about inclusivity.  It’s hard to relate to one A-list podcaster not giving one wanna-be A-list podcaster his (perceived) due.  Just stop it and get back to better serving your audience with better content.  Thanks.

Wow.  That’s pretty much a post all in itself.  Maybe my little bit on what to wear for men in PR can wait until tomorrow…

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4 Responses to How what not to wear morphed into Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

  1. Chris Clarke says:

    What the heck were you doing in my ex-city? I went to university in London, in case you forget, and my girlfriend and friends are still there.

  2. Ed Lee says:

    i had a bar mitzvah for my girlfriend’s cousin. good times and every minute was taken up with drinking, chatting and getting id’d (it was my 27th birthday for god’s sake!)


  3. bernaisesource says:

    thanks for playing social media matchmaker. much appreciated.

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