Starbury bursts

When I was knee-high to a grass hopper, I really wanted the latest Air Jordan Nike shoes. That I didn’t play basketball, watch basketball or even know who Michael Jordan was, didn’t matter. All the cool kids had them and I wanted them as well.

But they cost something like £100 and back in the early eighties, that was a lot of money. My parents, thankfully, didn’t cave into my demands no matter how long I held my breath and stamped the floor. But I’d be delighted to buy my (hypothetical) kid a pair of Starburys – the new Stephon Marbury shoe.

Too often we hear stories of excessive greed, consumption and arrogance from sports stars so it’s fantastic to read the story of Stephon Marbury, star of the woeful (are they worse than the Raptors?) New York Knicks.

Retailing at some ten per cent of the Kobe Bryant or LeBron James versions, Marbury has created a completely new line of affordable shoes and, to prove it’s not a piece of crap, he’s wearing it himself this season. Yes, an NBA star wearing $15 shoes.

The shoes are only available at Steve and Barry’s (a US discount chain) and have become a phenomenon – a Technorati search reveals 1,273 postings. There is a two item per person limit and apparently queues run around the block; and for good reason – why spend a week’s worth of grocery money on a pair of shoes that will be out of fashion before the milk turns sour?

Marbury himself says, “history is going to say I [Marbury] changed the game” and he’s right.

If you market to the edge, and it doesn’t matter which edge, the market will be pulled along with it.

Thanks to Popbitch for the tip off.

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One Response to Starbury bursts

  1. Chris Clarke says:

    Being a basketball nut, I heard about this weeks ago. I’ve since heard that the shoes are comparable to the 100$+ shoes in terms of comfort and durability. I haven’t heard if anyone has actually tried to play basketball in them for extended periods of time, but Stephon himself will probably let us know (he plans to wear them all season, so if he’s ever not wearing the shoes, we’ll find out if they’re playable).

    It’s been attempted before by Shaq and I believe someone lesser known, but the inexpensive basketball sneaker seems to be here to stay. Sounds like there’s a new market for sneakers to me.

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