Marketing Munch Meet-Up

Thanks to the rock stars of the marketing space, Michael Seaton and Mitch Joel for organizing the un-geek dinner last night. It’s always great to finally meet people who you’ve been reading for a while and always strange to not have to catch up on people’s back stories…

Other people I enjoyed conversations with included Leesa Barnes, Jay Aber, the inimitable Terry Fallis, Kathryn Lagden, Mona Shakaraway and the ultra-gregarious Stuart MacDonald who held court all night!

Some interesting points that held my attention through the night were –

From Stuart MacDonald: “I was in charge of a $300m marketing budget [at] but if you had taken that away from me and given me $5, I would have spent it on PR”

From most people Terry and I spoke to – PR needs to start asserting more leadership in the social media sector. However, it’s hard to take the lead when your budget is about the same cost of flying the film crew to Australia to shoot the 30 second spot.

PR is also harder for marketing managers to brag about or improve their personal brands – it’s easy to talk at a cocktail party about a specific ad campaign you oversaw, but harder to talk about the big feature your company was quoted in without sounding vaguely sociopathic…



Mitch interviewing Stuart for the new “20 pixels” Podcast (because there were twenty people there…)

Jay Aber

Jay and Mona (thanks Michael!)

Stuart MacDonald Terry Fallis

Terry and Stuart

good food, good conversation, good times

Un-geeks unite over good food; “famous” ribs

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7 Responses to Marketing Munch Meet-Up

  1. Looks like you all had just a tremendous time. Wish I could have been there. I really want to make it up to Toronto soon. There are just so many good people to meet, including you, Ed.

    After all, we’ve podcasted together and we both like cricket (albeit different sides). We have to meet — and we will.

  2. Ed, the lovely lady in the photo beside Jay is Mona Shakaraway (sorry for sp of last name)

    I think Kathryn L, GM of AIMS, will have some photos too (I hope).

    Bryan – c’mon up for the CMA Digital Marketing Conference in Oct. Joe Jaffe, CC Chapman, Bryan Eisenberg and David Weinberger – and Mitch Joel as keynotes. Seriously, hitchhike to that event if you have to!

  3. C.C. Chapman says:

    Looks like you all had a great time. I talked to Mitch on the phone yesterday and he was raving about how much fun this was. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  4. bryper says:


    I’m not opposed to extreme measures of transportation to get to an event I want to attend. Just ask Jaffe about the time I took a jaunt down to New York City for a geek dinner or Mitch about my appearance at CaseCamp Montreal.

    I’d like nothing more than to go to the CMA Digital Marketing Conference in October; however, my wife is expecting our first child then, so I don’t think it would go over very well with her 🙂 Maybe something next spring?

  5. Geek Dinner Toronto Stories

    There has been lots of great feedback from our Geek Dinner Toronto which took place this past Tuesday. Personally, I’m still reeling from the great people and even better conversation. Here are some Blog postings that also tell the tale….

  6. Mitch Joel says:

    Ed, it was great finally meet you. We must do this again.

  7. bryper says:


    Testing an audio comment via a post I made to Hipcast:

    If it doesn’t come out right, just delete it!

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