Absolut Street Art

Last week I wrote about the Absolute Ruby campaign that TBWA are coordinating and today I got to meet two of the guys who are executing it on the north-east corner of Yonge and Bloor.

Local artists Chris Watson (left) and Bunthen Sou were doing a grand job crafting this little masterpiece which looks so lifelike, I almost cracked open a lemonade to mix it – it’s the cocktail hour back in the UK!

Absolut Vodka - Young and Bloor street painting by Chris Watson and Bunthen Sou

As I left it had started raining so if you’re in Toronto and near Yonge and Bloor, why not drop by and check it out.

*Update – Bunthen sent me some more pictures of him and another Chris (Jolly) having some fun with their drawings.  No more pimping of Absolut for TBWA – I promise!

bunthen04-ruby.JPG  bunthen05-apeach.JPG  bunthen07-ruby.JPG  bunthen-chris01-ruby.JPG  chris05-apeach.JPG

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3 Responses to Absolut Street Art

  1. Owen Lystrup says:

    I’m a Captain guy myself.

    I love street art though.

    Did you happen to see anyone’s response? Was anyone stopping to look?

  2. Kelsy Brennan says:

    Hey – I know that Bunthen guy!…he was doing kick-ass art way back when we were just kids like 15 years ago. Glad to see he’s still at it!

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