Quick hits for Monday morning

Congrats to Paull Young on hitting a century of blog postings – I’m looking forward to many more raised bats (and ‘lost’ Ashes) in the future!

David Armano’s revised his pyramid of influence into an influence ripple graphic. I feel a little like a teacher – it’s a lot better but it’s not quite there yet. The visual implies that everything stems from a “Level 1” blogger, which clearly isn’t true. Like his last post, good discussion going on in the comments section

Where’s advertising going? Two good stories on the BBC News website and it all boils down to what Seth has been saying – we’re breaking ourselves down into a market segmentation of one; and advertisers (read marketers) need to adapt to the new market rules

Geek dinners come to TorontoMitch Joel and Michael Seaton are hosting tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Location is TBD but I’ll certainly be there. Just one thing – can we stop calling these things “geek dinners”? How about “marketing munches” or “social media suppers”?

Liverpool beat West Ham 2-1 this weekend, thanks to this fantastic goal of the season contender from Daniel Agger.

If you’re reading this an RSS reader, I’ve embedded a short video clip. Click through to the blog to watch a fantastic goal.

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5 Responses to Quick hits for Monday morning

  1. BobG says:

    Terrifc comments on http://darmano.typepad.com/logic_emotion/2006/08/influence_rippl.html

    You have my brain bubbling on this Monday morning! Certainly each level is influenced by all others. Creating some sort of flow to the chaos is the challenge.

  2. David Armano says:


    I won’t debate how you read the visual, because you intepreted it the way you did which is valid. But the big ripple is not meant to show that everything stems from a “level one blogger”. It’s meant to show that the sphere of influence has a broader reach than the others do.

    It’s not to say that other levels don’t influence, but level one has a bigger “ripple”.

    BTW, you just included a Seth reference in this post (as millions of other bloggers do)—which in a way is helping to prove the point I want to make to my Digitas co-workers. Which is that some bloggers radiate more influnce then others.

    Bob, to your comment, your feedback was so valuable because updated visual I created has almost no linear flow. It’s not chaos. But what I liked about the ripple idea is that it’s organic and has almost a natural algorithm to it.

  3. Leo Bottary says:

    I just enjoyed the great goal. Wish I had seen it to start my day this morning!

  4. newmw says:

    That is one great goal yeah, also good to see Kuyt playing at Liverpool.


    I’m psyched to see how Kuyt and Bellamy work together – especially now there’s some genuine pace and quality down the wings in Gonzalez and Pennant. I was a little cautious about Kuyt after his work cup, but Twan sent me a nice link for a little montage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XpkQs0y2MA


  5. Drew B says:

    Social media suppers! Love it.

    Ed – been meaning to leave a comment here for ages and a conversation in the office on Friday tipped the balance 🙂

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