Miscellaneous News and Housekeeping

Congratulations to Lewis PR’s newest account executive, Alex Pullin. It seems as if she’s been waiting for a job for as long as I’ve been writing this – good on you. How long until a barrier for entry to the PR world will be not having your own blog? Completely separately – I know that Lewis is a competitor, but how can a PR company that claims to understand social media have a flash website?!

Mazel Tov to my Fleishman-Hillard colleague (DC office) and blogger Jeff Weintraub on his daughter’s bat mitzvah. A huge deal for any Jewish family – I’m sure you’re an extremely proud dad

Does linkage = influence? David Armano thinks so, but I’m not sure. It’s too simplistic a way of looking at a very complex issue. Subscription levels, daily traffic and subject matter all play a part and if someone can come up with a co-efficient to explain it all, I’d love to see it. Measuring it by the links feels like an advertising solution to a public relations conundrum…Great conversation going on in the comments section

Speaking of links – is technorati broken? BL Ochman thinks so and I agree. But what else is out there? Certainly not Google blogs

And speaking of Google – a google search for ed lee now has this blog ranked third! When I started out I was ranked somewhere in the top 50, so this is quite an achievement!


Reader feedback required – I’ve had some baby pictures of my in the sidebar, but they’re now gone, replaced by a picture of a very drunk Ed. Which ones did you guys like more?

Do you represent a laptop manufacturer or retailer? Do you want your logo here? If you do, please email me!


2 Responses to Miscellaneous News and Housekeeping

  1. David Armano says:


    Good comment on L+E today. How do you feel after reading the conversation so far?


    Ouch – being called “Lee” reminds me of being told off at boarding school!

    in all seriousness, it’s a great conversation and any one interested in seeing the difference between influence and reach (PR vs advertising) should click through to David’s (excellent) blog.



  2. Thank you Ed, it is a bank holiday weekend here and so I shall be letting you know how my first week went later today.

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