Be careful…

I think I had been working in public relations for about 6 months when I got some excellent advice from the director of the consumer PR practice, Leigh-ann Wilson.

She had roped me into doing a lot of research for her unfaltering new business drive and I was churning out the coverage reports, analysis and SWOT or PEST charts. 

I must have made some sort of dissenting remark about being too busy with actual billable client work to do her latest bidding and she turned round and said, extremely sweetly: 

“You should be better at choosing what you’re good at!” 

A nice compliment and a good lesson.  No-one wants to be saddled with being the “binding queen” or the Factiva diva for the rest of your tenure.  It’s self-evident that people are usually better, or at least try harder at tasks they’re good at but by the same token, you can’t afford to not give 100 per cent on every task you’re given. 

It’s a tightrope!

Especially as an entry or mid level PR.  Do you represent a laptop manufacturer or retailer? Do you want your logo here? If you do, please email me!

3 Responses to Be careful…

  1. Todd And says:

    Factiva Diva! Nice!

  2. Camille says:

    Proving that you excel at those tedious tasks, will eventually lead to bigger and better work assignments.

  3. John Wagner says:

    Todd’s right … love that turn of phrase. “Factiva Diva!”

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