Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

My traffic of people searching for drug related hints and tips has been a little slow lately so here’s a contraversial title and some thoughts and links on marketing/PR/social media I’ve had today. As always, please help me crystallize my thoughts with insightful comments below.

Great sponsorship deal for Canadian golf gear producer, Element 21 – they’re paying for an astronaut to hit a gold plated golf ball, equipped with a tracking device, off the International Space Station.  He’ll be using an Element 21 six iron, which is a little different from my preferred 7…

Life After the 30 Second Spot – In his book, Jaffe predicts increased amounts of on-screen product placement and sponsorship but is there any evidence to say that this will work any better than the (mostly awful) adverts themselves.  Watching Rockstar Supernova last night I was physically appalled by the integration of Amp’d mobile into the program.  “I was having trouble getting into the song,” said Storm, “but then I downloaded it on my Amp’d mobile cellular phone and now I understand it a lot more” or something like that.  It was shameless.  I think that consumers are smart and media savvy enough to separate paid for and editorial by now.  Thoughts? 

Perspective on a Plane – Nice post from Michael Seaton: so SoaP didn’t make $300m this weekend.  Who cares?  It was a niche, and obviously B-quality, movie that was made with a small budget and was catapulted into the popular consciousness by some certified (certifiable) passionate consumers (Samuel L Jackson included).  The story was never the movie itself, but the CGC marketing which made the movie a cert to make money, even before they doubled their marketing budget 

How long before ‘social media’ becomes just ‘media’?  Not long according to Market Wire who now include the social bookmarking and rating websites (digg, etc) in their distribution 

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