Something for the weekend

As Dave mentioned, there was a Toronto bloggers/podcasters meet-up last night.



Terry, Dave, me, Chris and Joe (from L-R, Donna was missing though) were busy scheming to take over the world. We should be done sometime next week.

Career Limiting moves – lessons PRs can learn from this include not turning down choice jobs to ‘pursue other interests’, having a sense of humour if you do fail, not bouncing around jobs (can be hard in PR given the huge staff churn), and oh, not being caught in flagrante with a hooker in the front seat of your car.

Coolest thing I did all week – watched a webcast on the Transformers movie. I was kind of down on Transformers for not making their trailer available on YouTube, but listening to the writers talking about the characters was awesome! I’m pumped about the movie coming out and would’ve blogged this even if the webcast wasn’t hosted by Yahoo!, an account I work on at Fleishman-Hillard Toronto. But it was and it was also an excellent way for Transformers to build a community and get it excited about what should be a great movie.

Wikiality – Stephen Colbert’s answer to wikipedia. As hilarious as the man himself.

Apologies for the slightly lazy postings this week but normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

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One Response to Something for the weekend

  1. Ed, I’m intrigued to find out more about the Canadian gathering of bloggers. Was it a success? I’ve been thinking about doing a similar thing in the UK for a while. If anyone is interested is meeting up, please get in touch!

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