New Blog Writing Software – Why?

Apparently some company called “Microsoft” has released a blog-writing tool (available in beta here).  My question is what do blog writing tools do? 

I write my posts in Word, add in the links using the fabled “ctrl+k” short cut, taught to me by the amazing Alex Livingstone at Weber Shandwick UK’s Public Affairs department, and then copy all and paste into the WordPress text box. 

Can anyone explain to me why I should download a blog writing tool like Windows Live Writing (Beta) and what the benefits are? 

That’d be awesome.  Thanks. 

While I’m blogging about blogging, why not talk about two new buttons that appeared in my WordPress dashboard.  Previously there were just three buttons in the dashboard pane – “Dashboard”, “Blog stats” and “Feed stats”.  All of which do exactly what they say on the tin. 

Now there are a couple of new ones – “Tag Surfer” and “My Comments”.  “My Comments” allows you to track all the comments you’ve left on other WordPress blogs.  So no need for co.mments. 

The other button, “Tag Surfer” allows you to search the WordPress community for other blogs that use the same tags as you do.  So less excuse for me to lapse into my battle against Technorati and a great way for WordPress to increase its community’s traffic. 

At the moment, I’m loving WordPress.  They’re pushing out some cool new features and really proivding some added value to their extremely passionate community of users.

Anyone reading this blog and wanting start their own blog, I’d definitely recommend WordPress, although I’m yet to see a blog on Blogger’s new Beta. 

If you have, leave a link in the comments section. 

Do you represent a laptop manufacturer or retailer?  Do you want your logo here?  If you do, please email me!  


2 Responses to New Blog Writing Software – Why?

  1. Nien says:

    I think Microsoft’s blog writing tool is WYSIWYG which is helpful when you start adding pictures and stuff. Blogs that are pure text, yeah, that’s not very useful.

  2. Ed:

    Do links you embed in Word through CTRL+K show up without a problem once you paste the text into your WordPress editor?

    Neville gave a glowing review of Windows Live Writer on Episode 163 of For Immediate Release (starting at about the 6:30 mark). It apparently works seamlessly with WordPress and also allows you to review and edit previews posts.

    Worth taking a look at at least, no?

    –Bryan Person

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