Alternative Tails

I’m not entirely sure if I agree with Chris Anderson’s Long Tail theory – to be honest, I’m not entirely sure I even understand it  – but I’ll certainly be reading it and reviewing it on the Up and Coming PRs wiki.

However, it has sparked a huge degree of conversation and a number of other far reaching economic theories.  Armundo Ianucci (a British comedian) discusses them in the Observer.  Via Media 2.0 which, I’m glad to say, has started to add its own take to the daily roundup. 

Here’s the list in case you haven’t had your ear to the business grapevine:

  • The Long Snail – too many people surfing the net; neglecting their gardens
  • MySculpture – post a verbal description of your artwork
  • The Full Stop (or period) – everything will be bought by 2049
  • The Helpful Cabbage – people will look for business lessons in everything
  • The Quintuple Whammy Theory – and will only buy electronics they can hit five times if it stops working
  • The Fried Egg Economic Theory – location based buying habits look like…a fried egg
  • The Quintuple Egg Theory – a combination of the Quintuple Whammy and Fried Egg.  Kind of like a Long Naked Cluetrain mash-up
  • The Short Tail Theory – Chris Anderson will buy all the competing theories making his the winner by default

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