Life after the PR intern spot

Two quick hits this evening before I run off to play football.

1. If you’re a PR intern reading this, don’t give up. Keep making the coffee, pressing the button on the photocopier and binding those insufferable powerpoint decks that make no sense to you. Because there is hope.

Roger Goodell, a former public relations intern (he used to process the clippings as well) has become the most powerful man in America’s most popular sport. Now chairman (promoted from COO) of the NHL NFL, Goodell is 47 – that should give you plenty of time to catch up.

2. There is no one better than Seth Godin at taking simple, real-life situations and turning them into marketing lessons that last the ages. In case you ever wondered about the disconnect between what marketers say and what the consumer hears, and then relays, then wonder no more.

If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, I’ve embedded a YouTube video. Click on the title to come through to the blog and watch it here.

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5 Responses to Life after the PR intern spot

  1. Nien says:

    Oh man, I remember binding those powerpoint decks in the copy room. I also remember packing 25 pounds of hazelnuts into little one ounce baggies. They call it “paying your dues”.

  2. Still all that photocopying, envelope sticking and cuttings to look forward to. Hurrah!

  3. Chris Clarke says:

    NFL, not NHL – Canadians wouldn’t ever make that mistake 😉 Maybe someone named Doug or Yves should proofread your posts!

  4. Ed Lee says:

    Whoops – I said it was just some quick hits before I had to run.

    I know everyone wants to know the score last night and it was a heartbreaking 2-2 draw.


  5. David Jones says:

    Look at this guy…taking a job from a young Canadian PR grad who would never mistake the NFL for NHL. Sheesh…who hires these guys?

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