Episode 10, New Comm Road Podcast: August 7, 2006

As promised, here are the shownotes from my podcasting debut on New Comm Road, cross posted from the New Comm Road blog where you can listen to it or download a la carte. To subscribe for an exclusive Blogging Me Blogging You free life-time membership, please follow the instructions in the Subscribe box.

Thanks again to Bryan Person for having me on, I had a blast doing it!
Building a new-media toolkit for podcasters.

Hosted by Bryan Person and Ed Lee.

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*Update – you can just click here and download it – http://media.libsyn.com/media/newcommroad/NCR_010_-_2006-AUGUST-7.mp3*

  • Podcast ID – Bryan sings
  • Voice man Lee Hopkins
  • Requests to subscribe to the show in iTunes and to leave us audio feedback on our comment line (number below)
  • PodCamp Boston now has a venue — Bunker Hill Community College.
  • Audio comment and question from Chris Brogan
  • Conversation with Bryan and Ed — what tools should be in our “New Comm Road toolkit”
    • First … all about Ed.
    • For the hosts to keeping in touch: 1) e-mail 2) instant messaging client 3) Skype
    • For show prep and as an online resource center: a (private) wiki
    • For aggregating listening to our own and other podcasts: 1) iTunes or podcatcher 2) an iPod or other mp3 player
    • For giving the show a more established presence: 1) A show blog with show notes 2) social-networking site such as Blubrry
    • RSS reader and monitoring tools: 1) Bloglines or other suitable reader, to follow “the conversation” on other blogs in similar content areas 2) Technorati, to set up “watches” for “New Comm Road” and other keywords
    • For subscribing and seeing stats: 1) Feedburner 2) Libsyn, or other service/server that hosts the audio files
    • Other tools: trackbacks
    • Don’t forget: 1) passion 2) good content!
  • Show close



  • Leave your text and audio comments below this post
  • Send us audio files or text e-mails to comments-AT-NewCommRoad.com
  • Call us on our comment line: (206) 202-3996

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Running time: 32 minutes, 7 seconds.


4 Responses to Episode 10, New Comm Road Podcast: August 7, 2006

  1. Ed:

    The biggest thanks go to you for agreeing to come on the show! You were the star. You’re officially a podcaster now, and you handled your debut with ease.

    Continue to breathe the new-media passion … and hopefully you can be part of the show again soon.

    –Bryan Person
    Blog: Bryper.com
    Podcast: NewCommRoad.com

  2. Neil says:

    Fine job Ed! One down, many more to come… I hope.

  3. David Jones says:

    Nice work, fellow podcaster. The crappy audio couldn’t hold back your passion and knowledge about the space. One thing, though…about you checking your blog stats every 3 or 4 hours and me giving you shit for it…I check mine way more than that…plus I’m checking libsyn and feedburner as well.

  4. I only check my podcast stats about twice a day … so I’m not as a big a loser as either of you 🙂

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