Borat trailer on-line now!

Sacha Baron Cohen, the creator of Ali G, has a new movie out in November this year.  His new character, Borat, is hilarious as this trailer shows!

If you’re reading this in an RSS aggregator I’ve embedded a YouTube video here.  Click through to the actual site to watch it.  The quality’s pretty good and it seems as if posting a trailer/music video is now the “traditional” new media approach to marketing movies.


4 Responses to Borat trailer on-line now!

  1. newmw says:

    Borat is sooooo funny! He also presented last years Euro MTV Awards if I’m correct, hilarious!

  2. Paull Young says:

    Ed, bloody hilarious! That certainly brightened the start of my work day!

    I’ll be interested to see if the US audience ‘get’ Borat… Ali G is huge Down Under.

  3. Its crazy – pretty much any film that is coming out has their trailer on you tube. Some have their own MySpaces! The downside is that now everyone is uploading all the trailers, and TV specials, you can pretty much watch the whole thing on YouTube.

    I didn’t consider this so much a downside, but friends and family got tired of me telling them whats going to happen next, and now no one will go to the cinema with me. 😦

  4. Ed Lee says:

    Paull – glad i could make your dreary winter’s tuesday morning a little brighter! I’m pretty sure the US audience get Borat as he’s been in the Ali G show for a while – plus I don’t think the movie would’ve been made if the focus groups weren’t clamouring for him. My prediction? The movie will make some $35m in the box office and then probably that again, maybe even more, in DVD sales in the first six months.

    Alex – if you haven’t heard it, check out CC Chapman’s Managing the Grey (Gray?!) podcast on Kevin Smith and the Clerks II marketing on MySpace. Very clever.

    Twan – yeah, he did a great job at the MTVs!


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