The main qualification for blogging

Some quick hits over the next few days as it’s a long weekend here in Toronto. If it cools down I may even be able to do something a little more substantial but there’s no sign of that happening. Wish me luck when I play tennis tomorrow morning and football in the evening…

Thanks to Mark Evans, technology writer at the National Post and one of Canada’s leading bloggers, for pointing out this article in today’s Toronto Star.

Choice quote from The Globe and Mail’s media writer, Rick Salutin, is that

“the main qualification for blogging is you failed to get a mainstream media job.”

Business bureaus across the US dodged a few bullets by not hiring keeping hold of (thanks Guy!) Seth, Jonathan, Mark, Guy and Scoble.

According to Mark, Tim Berners-Lee’s quotes are from an interview back in 2004 and I hope that Rick’s quote is that old as well – that would pre-date the flurry of business bloggers and the increasing strategic importance of blogs to corporate communications.

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3 Responses to The main qualification for blogging

  1. Guy Kawasaki says:

    I had a job with Forbes and resigned it years ago.



  2. That’s a funny quote. It assumes, as I read it, that all bloggers are wannabe journalists.

    I was a journalist (with a couple print dailies and then editor of a weekly), but voluntarily left (jumping to the supposed “dark side”). Through blogging, I find I’m keeping my journalistic skills honed.

  3. David Jones says:

    Good one, Ed. I had this one tagged in and was just trying to find the time to post something on it. When I read the article on Saturday, I couldn’t believe the take on bloggers.

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