The future of integrated marketing?

What if, in 10 years time, advertising’s only function was to funnel consumers from the off-line world onto the internet to perform key word searches?

Key words that had been bought up by the client’s search marketing function and would direct consumers to pre-SEO’d websites.

Advertising plants the seed of a conversation, the consumer then “opts-in” to the conversation.

Where would PR fit in? What sort of sites are perfectly suited to enabling conversation and come SEO’d straight out of the box? Blogs.

And who should be helping clients produce, maintain and monitor their blogging program? PR agencies.

Do you represent a laptop manufacturer or retailer? Do you want your logo here? If you do, please email me!

*Update – Edited for clarity thanks to Twan

2 Responses to The future of integrated marketing?

  1. Twan says:

    Good one about the key word questions 🙂 One thing I just don’t get though.. why do people actually click advertisements on the internet.. I’m always trying to avoid ’em like the plague!

  2. newmw says:

    Crystal clear now 🙂

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