Video killed the radio star

I was poking around WordPress and found out how to post video.  I hope this works!

First up a video that’s been doing the viral rounds for Sprite Zero.  Quite cool, very unexpected and certainly very subversive.  Enjoy.

Hoping my amateur html worked there…

Secondly an awesome video showing the making of the new Sony Bravia Ad.  Great idea and great execution.  I rail against advertising a lot, but this looks amazing and if the PR team was involved, would have made some fantastic editorial footage for a lucky Glasgow news crew.

Do you represent a laptop manufacturer or retailer?  Do you want your logo here?  If you do, please email me!


4 Responses to Video killed the radio star

  1. Hi Ed,
    I didn’t realize you could post video in WordPress. Is this is a plug in?

  2. Hey Ed! It worked! The video stills don’t show up in Bloglines though, hmm…

  3. Ed Lee says:

    Hey Joe,
    If you surf onto this page – it tells you exactly how to do it (surprisingly easy!!!)…
    I really think that’s the best thing about wordpress though – there are a million and one plug-ins created by some really passionate users. True UGC at work!
    Brandy – so pleased you’ve dropped by: really looking forward to us working together!

  4. Chris Clarke says:

    I’m pretty sure all you have to do is post the HTML code found on just about any YouTube video into your post. that’s all I’ve ever done.

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