Deloitte TMT Media Trends

Thanks to that PR Machine, Rob Hecht for pointing me to Deloitte’s TMT Trends: Predictions 2006 report – available here.    

One of its conclusions is that digital will continue its penetration into the media production process.  This digitization of the production process will also lead to job cuts in media as editors (the ones with the scissors and tape) and producers find their job roles are now redundant as rank-and-file journalists take over production duties. 

My take on this is that cost cutting will mean more pressure on journalists’ time which, in turn, will undoubtedly mean more PR content will make its way through, unfiltered, to the public.  Essentially, the quality of editorial news will decline because of this and the public will continue to lose trust in traditional media outlets and turn to non-traditional (new) media for their news and analysis. 

So what does this mean to Public Relations practitioners?  Well, the fact that more of our content will be slipping through the traditional media “filter” means that we step up in terms of our own ethical practices to ensure what we put out to the media is well researched, honest and transparent. 

We’ll also need to provide compelling stories in the relevant media formats – more Video News Releases and maybe even mobile news releases to save the journalists’ time. 

Linked to the increasing dis-satisfaction with the traditional media will be blog culture.  The growth of the number of blogs may start to subside, but the net number of people reading them, and trusting them, will increase exponentially against the perceived decline in editorial quality in the MSM. 

Therefore, a PR’s role will increasingly be to advise on on-line PR strategies – which bloggers are influential; which podcasts should the CEO/brand spokesperson be interviewed on; where to comment; and when to join the conversation with their own blog or podcast. 

In conclusion: read more, subscribe to RSS feeds of searches for your clients and competitors and get to know the new media landscape because the one as we know it is changing.  It’s changing – slowly, but it is changing. 

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