Crack cocaine for social media junkies

Are you tired of seeing too much obviously inserted product placement in your programming?  Well hold onto your hats because GM has signed on to be the exclusive category sponsor of Canada’s incarnation of Dragon’s Den.  The news was only reported in subscription-only sites, Marketing Canada and Adnews, so you’ll have to take my word for it that GM will receive prominence in the pre-show publicity program which it will be used to promote the 2006 Cadillac STS-V.  The car will also be in the opening sequence so look out for that. 

I’m all for product placement but too often it takes over the “editorial” content – reality show contestants preening themselves with cosmetics or taking photo shoot-esque gulps of new drinks…give us consumers some credit! 

H&K blogger Brendan points out the irony of the day – a badly spelled news release put out by a (Canadian) firm that makes spell check technology.  Cue much egg-on-face for the PR manager. 

Another Canadian blogger, Colin McKay, points out this advert in Tesco’s (huge grocery chain) in the UK for a Creative Director.  Is this some smart viral marketing by W+K London or is it just a ploy to avoid extortionate headhunter’s fees? 

Linked In – I was just persuaded to join this social networking site and now feel very lonely.  If you’re happy for me to join your network, please sign me up

Not social media or PR related in any way but here’s my favourite link of the day – a chance to write an article for the greatest football club in the world!  And yes, I already applied. 

A photo.  If anyone signs me up for this I will not be amused!

Wake someone up


One Response to Crack cocaine for social media junkies

  1. Great post. The W+K Tesco recruitment is most likely “impulsive” viral.
    Funny little inventive items like this often spring up from just being there and seeing another purpose or interpretation of the obvious.

    I’m not sure a bunch of creatives sitting in a boardroom came up with this.
    Who knows if that is the case or not, just my thought on it’s genesis.

    And the wake up call is all cute, until you get the call! Kind of like the bag of poop you could send via Internet. I wonder if that service is still around?

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