Blog etiquette

Etiquette is very important in blogging and no where is it more important than in the subject of linking.  I have no idea what the correct form is but I suspect it’s a personal thing. 

For instance, if I want to link to something a rant about the term Web 2.0 being totally done to death, do I insert the permalink and then include a link to the blog hyperlinked to the person’s name as well?  The second link seems completely superfluous to me. 

Or should I instead simply insert the permalink to Mark Cuban’s movie business poser and leave his name as blank text?  For what it’s worth, I think the answer (to his question, not mine) is the same as all marketing problems in the new era of social media.  Make a better product and market to the edge.  The rest will be drawn along. 

Incidentally, the problem may be academic as the movie business is probably the one business where the long tail means profits will continue to accrue after the initial hype has died down. 

And I had no idea that changing subject in an email without changing the subject line was such bad manners… 

Some people would say this is all an excuse to not talk about public relations due to a lack of inspiration.  They would be *ahem* wrong.   

Do you represent a laptop manufacturer or retailer?  Do you want your logo here?  If you do, please email me!  

2 Responses to Blog etiquette

  1. Colin McKay says:

    Hmm. I might double link if I want to connect the thought/argument/point of view with the correct blog posting, but then want to hyperlink the person’s name to their “About” page or bio – that way adding extra information to my post about the “authority” of the reference.

  2. Steve George says:

    I generally just mention the person’s name along with the link, so pretty much as you did with the Mark Cuban link. I tend to mention the authors name if I can just because I think that blogs (and the Internet in general) should be personal, and everyone likes to see their name mentioned. But I don’t think it’s a piece of required netiquette, because an interested reader can always follow the link and find out more themselves.

    Netiquette is a tough one though and open to all sorts of interpretation. When I first got onto the Internet it was such a big topic but over time it’s become less important. Still, there are still some real mines out there. The number of times I’ve been scolded by a technical guy because I’ve top-posted in reply to an e-mail is numerous. This is where you just hit reply and write your return message at the top of the e-mail, which according to some is bad form. See this wikipedia article

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