Ode to media buying agencies

I think it’s about time I did another “worst advert on TV” post. Jaffe didn’t do an ATS this week so I thought I’d pick up the slack and continue the fight against the 30 second spot.  There are two candidates this time around, both of which are actually very similar in execution. 

Most people realize that when they watch TV they make a covenant with the devil.  OK, you pay for our favourite shows and we’ll tolerate your intrusion into our living rooms. 

So when ad agencies and media buying agencies abuse that trust by repeatedly ramming a message down our throats, it breaks any positive connection we may have had with the brand.  The “winner” though is a series of adverts from the Rexall Pharmacy group

The ads themselves aren’t the worst.  Individually, they don’t inspire the sort of hatred that my last “worst advert on TV” but combined with the most strategically disastrous media buy, they make me cringe. 

The whole campaign is based around the fact that Rexall Pharmacy pharmacies sell nothing but health and medication products and their ads certainly reinforce this point.  Again and again.  And again, and again, and again.  I’m not entirely sure how many of these little vignettes they put out at one time, but it feels like there are up to four in a row. 

In short, one execution per brand per advert break.  No more and sometimes less.  Stop battering us over the head with your message, try and engage us, talk to us and turn us into evangelists. 

And you can’t do that with advertising, you can only do that through (well executed) PR. 

Lethal Links – DJ Tiesto: Links for Wednesday July 19, 2006 

It’s PR, not ER – It’s spreading, slowly, but it’s spreading!  Mitch Joel is the latest person to pick up my favourite saying. 

Don’t advertise on TV, go in game – Ian Hardy gives us a preview of what life will be like with the next generation of gaming platforms.  It’s not going to be all billboards and sponsorships, there’ll be games within games – “multi-leveled video commercials”  

There’s money missing down in Scranton – A new story line from The Office goes on-line.  Kudos to NBC for going a step further to engage its viewers, but a big black mark for the shocking amount of (unskipable) ads you have to sit through 

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