Brand Customer Interaction

As promised – a very crude representation of the dichotomoy between the way organizations view their interaction with their customers, and the way in which the customers themselves view those transactions.

Brand Customer Interaction - Ed Lee

I was going to go for a Gaping Void style “on the back of an envelope” style drawing but as I don’t have a scanner or a tablet PC, I had to make it in PowerPoint…


3 Responses to Brand Customer Interaction

  1. David Jones says:

    That’s definitely fair on the right side, but there are a whole lot of other considerations on the left side of the equation. Distributors, regulators, sales channels…and even who owns the trademark.

    Here’s a good UK reference for you. The popular beer brand Carling is actually a Canadian trademark owned by Molson (which merged with Carling O’Keefe in the ’80s). As part of that merger, Miller and Foster came in as partners. Miller (now SAB Miller) now owns the Carling trademark in the UK.

    So, the Carling brand in Canada has nothing to do with the Carling brand in the UK, though the heritage is right here in Ontario. Is the customer right in seeing the brand “their way” in your chart? Who knows?

    Canada’s rules means that things like Red Bull and Mountain Dew with caffeine are classed as something other than a carbonated, sugar-infused beverage. They go by “natural health supplement” or something equally unbelievable. Mountain Dew has always had caffeine in the states but it doesn’t in canada…Mountain Dew “Energy” does now.

    Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola bottling are even harder to figure out. The Coke bottler in Brazil used to sell beer as well. Go figure.

    You’ll run into this stuff a lot. And some of it will be very hard to get around. Other times, there will be all sorts of unneccessary borders drawn around global brands that are marketed and brand-managed locally.

    I’d suggest that with social media, the democratizing powers of the web that many brands will adopt a certain level of global PR and marketing management to handle these sorts of things in the future. We’ll have to gently nudge our Canadian clients and colleagues to let us help them get there.

  2. David Armano says:


    Nice visualization. BTW, why feel pressured to emulate Hugh or even myself (as you eluded in previous post) when coming up with a visual? Do your own thing. Do what feels right for you!

    Keep up the good work.

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