Training wheels for social media

Seth has a great post today on brand, product and service education neatly packaged through the metaphor of training wheels. 

He uses Linux and Goji berries as examples of compelling stories that weren’t released with the proper “training wheels” – which slowed the rate of adoption. 

Should we add social media? 

Everyone in the marketing world is excited about this new tool.  And rightly so – we can now measure buzz and build communities around out clients in order to create passionate users and evangelists. 

But how?  No one really knows and there aren’t too many clients out there willing to take a risk in case they fail. 

Is Hugh the guru, can he give you the training wheels?  What about Steve, can he teach to ride the high rope of social media and customer interaction?  What about Chris, Jonny or me, are we the new svengalis of social media? 

The truth is no one really knows at this point.  I could be as good a bet as anyone to luck out on a great social media programme but not really know how I did it (and ride that luck for the rest of my career).   

Yes, there are certain “rules” to riding the social media bandwagon but, as Seth himself showed, breaking these rules is no bad thing – you just have to break them in the right way. 

We, as PRs need to provide that service, be those training wheels and hold our clients (present and prospective) hands as they learn how to navigate the brave new world of social media. 

That’s why I blog, so I can make the mistakes my clients don’t have to.


Do you represent a laptop manufacturer or retailer?  Do you want your logo here?  If you do, please email me!  


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