When I woke up this morning my right side was extremely sore.  At first I thought it was still the pain of England’s loss to
Portugal, but then I found out that it was because Student@Work PR, Chris Clarke, had blog-tipped me in my sleep! 

Chris says some very kind things and offers me a tip – get my own digs and take Blogging Me Blogging You off the Word Press server.

Word Press was perfect for me when I started blogging – it has great out of the box functionality, some analytics and is extremely easy to use.  But I am starting to feel that I’m outgrowing the standard template and limitations of Word Press, namely that you can’t add to the html code and add in cool stuff such as Hugh McCleod’s Gaping Void cartoon widget or Google Analytics.

So if, in a few weeks (months?!) you get a redirect, please don’t be alarmed!

I started blogging so that I could make mistakes.  Mistakes that I would be making so that I don’t make them when advising my clients.  So here are some mistakes that I think I’ve made and that I’ll be making sure my clients don’t make.

1.  Not having a big body of work when I started up.  I got a great reception from the blogosphere when my first post went live, but if I did it again, I’d do more writing before going live.  Why?  Because whenever I find a new blog I like to look back over the last few posts, or even months, to get a real feeling for the person behind the blog before seeing if I should add it to my favourites file. (Still haven’t got a Bloglines account yet…)

2.  Responding to comments.  I always replied to the email notification that Word Press sent me and email the commenter personally, now I see that an open, “on-line” conversation is much more interesting for other readers.  So if you liked the personal email conversation, please let me know and when you comment again, I’ll email you and comment on the blog as well

3.  Personalisation.  I just found out how to get pictures into the side bar without using Flickr (they change as you add in images) so I’ll be putting some more of those up over the next few days.  I put my email up on the blog first off but how much can you tell from an email address?!  Any client blogs will definitely be adorned with a picture to deepen the engagement with the reader

4.  Measurement is king.  One of the reasons blogging is so popular, in my opinion, is because marketers can now measure “buzz” and I love being able to see where people come from, what they look at and where they’re talking about me.  But I’ll be installing a web analytics programme into what ever blogs my clients sign on for.  It may not be Google, although it is free, and there are a lot of good products out there – WebTrends (an old client) is excellent from what I remember from analyst presentations…

Thanks Chris!

Do you represent a laptop manufacturer or retailer?  Do you want your logo here?  If you do, please email me!  

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