Presentation Training

So maybe there could've been a better time to compare Gerrard and Crouch than before a game that Gerrard wasn't up to his usual stratospheric standards and Crouch didn't even get a look in!

At least England won…


What else is there to do over the weekend than walk around
Toronto, watch a load of sports, speak to people back home and watch one of the most inspiring presentations I’ve ever seen.

I’ve worked with quite a few people that I would say were good presenters.  I’ve worked with people who’ve said that they’re excellent presenters and now I’ve seen someone who I would love to emulate in my presentations from now on. 

The tone, the in depth knowledge of his material, his well practiced “off the cuff” remarks and his raport with whoever was trying to throw him off stage.

Guy Kawasaki.

If you have 40 minutes to kick back, learn some great stuff and be entertained, click here and watch a fantastic presentation on the “Art of the Start”.

The next book on my reading list?  You guessed it!

Do you represent a laptop manufacturer or retailer?  Do you want your logo here?  If you do, please email me!  


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