Update to World Cup Marketing

In the spirit of continuing my foray into the social media scene, I wanted to give an update on this post, on the marketing that surrounds the FIFA World Cup – which has simply been an awesome tournament so far.

Obviously there are all of the official sponsors of the tournament, but there are also those who seek to market themselves and their product by grabbing onto its coattails.

An interesting example is William Ashley.  As you can see from the picture below, they’ve set up two decent sized plasma screens in their World Cup themed window on the popular Bloor Street.

William Ashley's World Cup Marketing Initiative

It’s a pretty cool idea and certainly has gained a lot of attention judging from the crowds that have been outside – but is it the right attention?  Marketing in social media isn’t about hitting the most people; it’s about hitting the right people.

So when a crockery and kitchen store starts marketing on the back of a football tournament, I get shivers.  I mean it’s really bad.  How many people will watch the free soccer on Bloor Street and then think to themselves “Hey, I really need a new $4000 dinner set”?

It’s completely the wrong audience for the product, no matter how good the idea.  Now if it was RONA (an old client) or Canadian Tire, I’d understand it a lot more.

The only way I do think that it would work is if the wives sent their husbands out of the store while they’re spending all the money!

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One Response to Update to World Cup Marketing

  1. Colin McKay says:

    On the other hand, if you sell cute little Doulton figurines and Spode dishes, you’ll probably be getting some Brits coming through the doors.

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