Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

Hmmm, not too sure if that was a good post or not yesterday.  It certainly felt rushed as I wrote it and reading it back I had to make a couple of grammatical changes…As always, please put your thoughts in the comments section.

Speaking with Joe Thornley today, he gave me some good advice so from now on, if I have a long post like yesterday’s, I’ll try to break it up and post it over a couple of goes.  Hope no one gets RSS-fatigue!

Just wanted to pass on some interesting news today and obviously give it the “Blogging Me Blogging You” twist to them as well.

I Wish I was a Punk Rocker with Links in my Hair – Sandi Thom.  Links for Wednesday June 21, 2006

Click to Launch Live Messenger – Jack Kapica from the Globe and Mail reports that Microsoft has released a new version of Messenger that has been repurposed for business use and now includes “free voice-over-Internet calls, improved voice and video capabilities, a unified contact list and the ability to share folders with contacts”.  Still not sure if it will convert any IT departments though…Also includes one-touch blogging which I’m sure will be of interest to Shel Holtz.  If the link is broken you can go in through Google news 

The Economist’s Technology Quarterly came out last week and as usual there are some amazing articles from my favourite periodical and the only magazine I buy with my own money.  Choice Cuts include Reprogramme Your Life, which features some cool life tips for the MDD sufferer (thanks Jaffe) and a superb interview with one of the founders of the internet and chief internet evangelist at Google, Dr Vinton Cerf.  I couldn’t believe it when they started talking about Interplanetary Internet Protocol.  Wow, that blew my mind!

Should PR Agencies re-pitch for an account? – Morgan McLintic from Lewis wants to know your thoughts.  I try as hard ass possible to become passionate about my clients because that’s the only way I’m going to do good work for them so when I’ve been told that we’re in a re-pitch  situation, it’s hit me hard.  Even when my favourite ever account re-pitched after I left Golin Harris, I was a little disappointed!  But apparently my favourite ever client was inspired by me to start her own, internal only (for now!) PR blog!  Looking forward to being able to link to your blog Sheila…

How Bad is Your Boss? – If you work in
America and your boss sucks, you could win a holiday away from the bastard!  Hat tip to Reuters’ Oddly Enough.  I’m not sure if your boss has told you about the “No surprises” policy the company has before completely shafting you in front of a partner?  Or told you she had had to sign something prohibiting her from touching the employees?

Media Training 101 – If you propose a bill to have the 10 Commandments on show in public buildings, you better know all 10 or you’ll end up looking like, well, this guy!


2 Responses to Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

  1. Sheila says:

    Sadly, on the client side, these days requests to re-pitch are often driven by the accountants, not the marketing department!

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