Second Life

So, you wait for something interesting to post about, write a pretty average post about the marketing cycle of football boots, and then something hits you at half past midnight.

At least there aren’t any kids running around distracting me!

I was catching up on some podcasts – thanks Shel and Neville for posting a million and one really important interviews over the weekend – and the last one up was the latest from CC Chapman, Managing the Gray’s primer on Second Life.

Now, I’ve never ventured into Second Life before.  The closest I’ve been is seeing the screen caps on Jaffe’s blog and mentally tuning out when anyone talks about it.

But how can you tune out CC Chapman?  His enthusiasm is infectious.  Seriously, his podcasts should come with a free vaccine to counteract Chapmanitis. (it could be called the BCG).

Some of the stuff he was saying about Second Life really inspired me to start thinking about marketing and PR in this new channel.  CC said that he hadn’t seen any sports going on in Second Life and if I know anything, I know sports.

BBC Sport, in lieu of hosting live action video highlights, has a really cool virtual animation plug in that I have been known to use.  (Free is good, paid for is better). 

Why not get this streamed into Second Life?  The program is written, the 3D animation is done and the BBC would get a billion or two people wandering into their virtual sports centre to watch it.  Especially now the World Cup is in full swing.

But why stop there?  Why not try and do something truly remarkable and innovative.  Why not invent a Purple Cow?  Is it obvious that I loved Seth’s book?

Why not build a virtual stadium in Second Life.  A huge South American style soccer stadium that holds more than 100,000 people complete with branding, advertising and concessions.  The sport would be provided by people feeding in their Xboxes, PS2s, Wiis or PC games. 

You could mozy on down and watch whatever game any two people wanted to play.  Madden, FIFA, PES, quite literally whatever.  It would be like modern gladiators.  Gladiators with their own virtual merchandise – T-shirts, flags and foam fingers that are 50 feet high.

All sponsored by….some brave marketing manager with enough money to buy the land (web hosting) and to get engineers to build the stadium.

I don’t even know if this is possible but if it is, it is so fucking cool it blows my mind. I’m off to get a credit card and a tour of Second Life.  See you on the financial pages.

**I started writing this post at 12:34am.  Thanks to my laptop, which has almost given up the ghost completely, its now 1:20am.  If you're a brave marketing manager/PR guy from a laptop manufacturer and want to have your company/client's logo and link in every post from now on, please send me a new laptop.  Thanks!**


One Response to Second Life

  1. C.C. says:

    BWAHAHAA!!! You’ve caught the bug! Warning, it’s addictive and easy to pass on as you saw me do.

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