Something for the weekend?

Just a quicky this afternoon. 

I've just watched the opening match of the World Cup (more on that over the weekend) and Germany beat Costa Rica in a very entertaining game, 4-2.

Just like a good PR campaign for a new client, not everything went according to plan but there were some spectacular goals and the right result (for the home team) was acheived.

Blogger Relations – Same as media relations.  Mike Manuel reminds us all of the importance of relationships in this business.  It’s no good having a million dollar budget if your account coordinator doesn’t know how to connect with media or bloggers.  Check out the great conversation after the post itself.  

Blog SmartChris Clarke’s first day prompted an interesting internal conversation aired very publicly.  At least it was all good!  I think we should all aim to “PR smarter”.  

In this spirit, why not take 10 minutes each day to actually think about your clients, their needs, wants and objectives.  I try to come up with an “idea of the week” that feeds back to the client’s overall strategy.  If everyone on an account team does this, that’s four or five really good ideas of which at least a couple should be good enough to work into a workable plan.  We’re in the ideas business people!  Why not take a break from “doing” and try “creating” instead.  

Seth posted this a bit before I got in there with my last SOA posting!  What can I say?!  

Government 2.0 (may need subscription soon) – new think tank in
Ottawa promoting transparency, open government and interaction with citizens through social media. 

Business Guide to Blogs – One great way to convince clients to embrace the world of social media is to forward them well thought out articles such as this one from Michael Hiemstra.  Oh, and he’s also a Squidoo lens master!  Check out the rest of his blog too.


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  1. Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

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