Give me your phone, your wallet and the keys to your bike

One huge piece of global news today has been the Nokia research – clearly there’s a conflict of interest in the world’s largest cell-phone manufacturer (and former rubber boot producer) telling us that (their) phones will be the most pervasive, integrated device in the world. Ever.

But there’s some interesting stuff in there as well.  20 per cent of people would rather lose their wedding ring than their phone.  Erm….I’m not married but I’m pretty sure that my girlfriend would freak out if I lost my wedding ring. 

Especially if she heard what the other choice was.

Convergence is definitely the name of the game right now.  Phone set cameras are getting smaller and of higher quality.  Memory is increasing and so is the use of video phones.  Back in the UK we’d judge the quality of a night out by the pictures we had taken on our phones and digital cameras.  

Cameras are everywhere now, only its not big brother you have to worry about.  

So people are using new cell phones in the manner in which they were intended – if there’s a camera on there, they’ll take photos.  If there’s video capability they’ll shoot some film.  If there’s music storage, they’ll download it and then listen to it.

What’s next?  Staying on the convergence theme, I’d love to see a cell-phone manufacturer partner with Flickr to enable one click posting and tagging.  One click mobile picture/video blogging. Well, more like two click.  One to take the photo; one to post it.

And it’s up to the PRs to showcase these fantastic new capabilities to the consumers in order to both educate them on this brave new world and demonstrate the ease of use. 

Post Secret is one of my favourite blogs both personally and professionally.  From a pure consumer’s standpoint it really connects with me on an emotional level.  Professionally, it demonstrates the raw power, in its purest form, of social media.  Of creating communities, and of, as this is a Nokia post, connecting people.

What’s been done so far?

Well, Jaffe uses the HP “HYPE” campaign as a great example of experiential marketing, using pictures to connect the consumer directly with the product.  The Converse Gallery is a fantastic case study of using video to harness consumer passion for a product into a marketing campaign.

Surely cell phones are next.  Let’s not be lazy and suggest Nokia sponsored camera-phone galleries.  Let’s have mashed up video mixes or slide shows, with audio (paid for by the sponsor or from the podsafe network) laid on over the top.  

Let’s have one of those huge collage pictures made up of thousands of other smaller pictures forming the brand logo – kind of like pointillism for the digital age. 

What a great “thank you” message this would make from the company to the consumers.  “Thanks for using our brand”

The possibilities are truly endless. 

Now, thanks to Colin’s suggestion, I’m off to find me a whale!


No clever rip offs of song names or links today…but please click here and check out, without doubt, proof that social media, social networking and socially oriented technology (sorry BEA) are all making the world a smaller (more converged) but better place.  Thanks Joseph (there's your link)


2 Responses to Give me your phone, your wallet and the keys to your bike

  1. Jamie says:

    Just searching on google and found your site. It was ranked fairly high on google to. Anyway just looking around to see why.

  2. Ed Lee says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for dropping by – I’m not entirely sure why BMBY does well in google, but i would imagine it’s for the same reasons as most blogs are. It get’s linked to a fair amount (more than 300 incoming links) and is updated (and re-indexed) a decent amount too – before my holiday at any rate!

    I’d also think that the fact it’s hosted on wordpress and all the links that all the wordpress blogs get’s can’t hurt.

    Hope you enjoyed what you saw and you’ll keep on coming back for more!


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