Social Media Experiment; Pimp my Run

The Ed Lee social media experiment rolls on and I’ve just posted my first two pictures to Flickr here and here.

If anyone knows how I can insert pictures into wordpress blog postings, please put something in the comments as it’s driving me crazy!

Despite taking a long time to post up to Flickr, and having to sign up for yet another email address from Yahoo!, it was a pretty painless process.

The pictures are of my newest, favourite T-Shirt done by the awesome guys over at Wonder Inc who I met with on Friday to talk about some of the really cool stuff they’re doing (for more information, check out my links section below).  The shirt is the rubbing of a coal chute hatch from my home town, Chelsea in London and was done by Randy Bachman.

Obviously as soon as I saw the shirt and had to have it so thanks to Steve, Susan and Jason who gave me my favourite price!

As I said yesterday, I’m so into this blog I can’t believe it and I’m loving the whole social media world.  As with most things, it’s far better doing it than watching it happen!  I’m going to be carrying my digital camera around a lot more so I can really dive straight into this world and get some more cool stuff to comment on here.

For instance, I missed out on photographing a really cool marketing promotion from the Toronto Short Film Festival (I think, I didn’t get their flyers) which consisted of people walking around Yorkville with LCD screens on stilts attached to their backpacks showing the short films.  Which looked a lot funkier than it sounds!

So, not too much PR commentary today but here are some interesting reads.

We are your links – Justice vs Simian.  Links for June 4, 2006

An amazing run going on in Toronto – it’s 30k so it may be a little long for me, but it will be fantastic. Toronto by night on August 19th.  I may even do some extreme blogging if I sign up.  And for all Toronto based PROs reading this, they’re looking for sponsors

What We Really Think – Canuck Flack Colin McKay has some excellent postings on what’s really going on behind the eyes of all PROs.  Meetings will never be the same again! 

Homeless blogger nets book deal – a really heartwarming story showing the true power of social media.  From Drew B.

Do we all need comments? – Seth doesn’t think so.  I’m so excited every time I get a comment I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to enable comments.  For someone who does like comments, check out The Dilbert Blog.  Scott gets 100’s of comments and even built a stock portfolio out of them!  **Update** I wrote this early on Sunday morning and then went out to do some real living.  Since then I can’t get onto Seth’s Blog to get the permalink, let alone the trackback.  His page keeps on crashing my IE browser.  When it rains, it pours!  Hopefully I can slip the link in their tomorrow morning…

And the “award” for best named PR blog I’ve seen goes to…Son of a Pitch


2 Responses to Social Media Experiment; Pimp my Run

  1. Shucks, Ed – thx! It was an honor just to be nominated 🙂

  2. Rob Reid says:

    did you figure out how to post images in WP?
    if not, i can help you out.

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