Strike while the City’s Hot. Where was all the CGC?

For anyone living and working in Toronto, Monday was absolute hell.

On the hottest, and smoggiest, day of the year so far, the TTC Subway service was derailed by a wildcat strike that left an estimate 700,000 commuters stranded.

Cabbies across the city rejoiced as they picked up fares at a record level and the Toronto media had their big story for the week.

As much as I found the strike unpleasant it was the media’s coverage that I thought left something to be desired.

The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest circulation newspaper ran an online picture feature documenting the strike and the affect it had on commuters.  Not one picture was from a commuter.

In an era where the news media has to be aware of the news making capabilities of a citizen armed only with a camera phone or other multimedia device, surely they could have used a few pieces of consumer generated content? 

My favourite out of all the pictures I’ve seen from Monday’s strike is this one that I found on flickr by “a soundtrack for everyone”.

Link Shack – B52s.  Links for Wednesday May 31, 2006

Tech Web – businesses are tapping into the power of the community through CGC

iMedia Connection – what will surely do for CGC what Stormhoek did for blogging relations.  The ultimate case study….Snakes on a Plane.  I wonder how many people who see SoaP will be bloggers and CGC proponents?

Media Post – content creation no longer for the “broadband elite”; 43 per cent of Americans between 18 and 29 have created their own content.  Steve Rubel notes that this is double the rate in 2002.

Jaffe Juice – Joe Jaffe on his favourite subject!  I’ve just picked up “Life After the 30-Second Spot” from the library and I’m really looking forward to cracking it open.  If you haven’t seen Joe’s own bit of CGC please check it out

Caveat – despite the example that I used, it seems that some “traditional” media companies are actually quite good at embracing social media for their own good.

One Response to Strike while the City’s Hot. Where was all the CGC?

  1. Frank says:

    I’ll have to read these. I’ve heard of Blogs but have not given them any notice. I’ll forward this to Chuck Barber of Nalco and see what he thinks of these things. Nalco is very conservative. New technology is a threat to management, perhaps this is the same in your situation. Check out the Nalco website – useless.

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